Passive (Aggressive) Perception

Ep 45 - Splitting The Party

May 31, 2022 Ivan Potocnik & Steve Jones Season 1 Episode 45
Passive (Aggressive) Perception
Ep 45 - Splitting The Party
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In this episode we cover some of the strategies behind, and the implications of, splitting your TTRPG party. We discuss how it can help expedite the action, but also increase work load and slow down your pacing. We go in-depth with several person and listener-sourced examples and dig into when splitting the party may be a good idea and when it may be ill-advised. Tune in for help running a split party, TTRPG news, listener feedback, and more.

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Show Breakdown:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • TTRPG News: 1:23
  • Main Topic/Poll From @RpgMatch: 11:45
  • @CYBERKING9906 "I never Split The Party": 12:25
  • @JayDubTheGamer "Shopping & Downtime": 16:42
  • @Attercap "Staying Invested/Limiting In-Game Knowledge": 26:21
  • @NoTMock "Tuning Out": 28:00
  • @CandleIsles "Spotlight Juggling": 30:48
  • @TNotsolidsnake "Using Text Chat": 35:06
  • @GeekPostNet "12-Player Split": 36:30
  • @DiceTherapy "5 Players, 5 Puzzles": 37:34
  • @Vegasucks "Split The PLAYERS": 38:21